Escape the Nightmare

The room is silent; there are four of us seated around the dining room table, we glance anxiously at each other; each clutching five similarly backed cards. There is an awkward pause; we are all waiting for someone else to speak. “Are you ready?” I ask, breaking the silence, uncertainty rich in my voice.  The... Continue Reading →

Gamecamp 9

If you're looking for game-related things to add to your calendar, I recommend Gamecamp. Gamecamp is an unconference, hosted at and sponsored by London South Bank University. It's usually annual (they've skipped a couple of years) and May 2017 was the date of Gamecamp 9. If you're unfamiliar with unconferences, they're self-organising conferences. An application... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Exterminate!

My teenage years were troubled. Each week I would scrape together as much money as I could possibly find, so that by the weekend I could make my way to the seedier part of the town where I would meet Jon. Jon was older than me. Jon was cool. Jon had long hair. Jon could... Continue Reading →

Hasbro launches Boardgame Crate

Hasbro entered into the subscription box market on Monday with Hasbro Gaming Crate. The crate comes in two varieties; the family-friendly and one geared more toward party games for adults. It includes three games, delivered every three months for the cost of $49. Focusing on brand-new games instead of the "Hasbro classics", the crates will... Continue Reading →

Above and Below

Above and Below is a charming combination of storytelling and town building game that has players splitting their time between building a village above ground and sending the more daring/foolhardy villagers into the caves below ground with the promise of riches and adventure. The game is split into 7 turns and takes roughly 90 minutes... Continue Reading →

Temp Worker Assassin

“It’s the taking part that counts.” Now, I’m fairly sure that my Gran wasn’t taking about board games when she told me that, but I’ve always believed that the mark of a good board game was one that was as much fun for the people who lost as it was for those that win; playing... Continue Reading →

Zombicide Custom Cards

The nice people at Guillotine Games and CMON have foolishly given us all the opportunity to utterly unbalance their well thought out game by releasing various sets of blank cards for us to customization. Several of us have jumped at the chance and with a quick Google Search, you can find cards that range from the... Continue Reading →

Zombicide: Black Plague

If you're anything like me, you've probably played a few board games using House Rules without even realising that these little tweaks were not part of the original rules. Take Monopoly for example. You might be surprised to know that the official rules for Monopoly don't mention anything about hurling a tiny pewter car at your... Continue Reading →

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