So, who goes first?

There are lots of rules in board games around deciding which player gets to go first.  In fact it seems now a days that any game worth its meeples has a special rule to determine who has the honour of taking the first move.

The problem with a lot of these rules however, is they are not very malleable, especially when you consider that a lot of games are played by the same group of friends, potentially more than once.

For example, if you play in a regular gaming group comprising of the same people; then the most travelled player is unlikely to change, so  when you play Ticket to Ride, it is that player that ALWAYS going to go first.  Similarly, as it is getting increasingly unlikely that I will ever find the Fountain of Youth¹, I  will probably never go first in a game like Splendor where the youngest player always takes the first go.

Several gaming groups snub their noses at these first player rules and use one of the First Player apps; but as we try and keep mobile phones off of the gaming table, our gaming group uses a set of handy cards, which allow us to pick a different first player for each game.

You too can use these cards as they can be downloaded and printed below.


1- I did find the Fountain of Uncertainty. I think.


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