Kickstarter: Overworld

Earlier this week I got very excited talking about Fire of Eidolon by Magic Meeple Games. In the review, there was a fair bit of lamenting and gnashing of teeth, as I bemoaned that I didn’t manage to pick up Fire of Eidolon when it appeared on Kickstarter and was playing a friend’s copy of the game. Well, Magic Meeple Games are back on Kickstarter at the moment and I thought it only wise that I picked up their latest creation.

Overworld is a competitive tile-placement, territory control, and exploration board game for 2-4 Players.  LIke Fire of Eidolon, it takes about 5 minutes to learn, but there seems to be an element of real skill involved in the game; so there seems to be a high level of replayability.  I’ve played a few games of the print and play copy and I have to admit, really liking the direction they are going in. It has a strong Carcassonne vibe to it and I think, like the Fire of Eidolon, Overworld is going to become a Meeple Watching favourite.

Check out the Kickstarter here.


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