Playtest: Scandinavia and the World

This weekend we were fortunate enough to have an afternoon playtesting the very much anticipated Scandinavia and the World card game.

Designed by Gregory Carslaw, Scandinavia and the World (Going by the name SatW: A Heap of Trouble) is a bidding card game for 2-5 players. The games that we ran each took no more than 30 minutes to play and as new players, we found it relatively easy to learn.

640.jpgThe cards themselves are beautiful; if you haven’t seen the webcomic before, I would highly recommend you visit the site and lose at least a few hours to its pages. The game has all of the charm and wit of the comic and we spent a fair bit of our playtesting chuckling at the antics of the adorable anthropomorphised countries and their demands for the various items from that we were bidding for.

Whilst it was still in the playtest stage, the production value were still of the excellent quality we have been lead to expect from 3DTotal Games.

All in all it looks like it’s shaping up to be lovely little game; full of humour and charm that will take no more than half and hour to learn and play. Sounds interesting huh?

Well, there is no release date as yet; but those interested in the game should go to the SatW: A Heap of Trouble page and sign up for updates.

I know I have.



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