I work in office. It’s not a particularly stressful job but even so, when I get home I like to relax and put the worries of a long day far behind me.

This is why I do not like Fuse.

Now don’t get me wrong, Fuse is an excellent and engaging game; and I am going to recommend the ever loving crap out of it at the end of this review; but not to all of you. Just the few of you who might want to have 10 minutes of controlled panic in your lives.

You know who you are. Weirdos

Now there are some of you who might think I am being a little bit hypocritical, seeing as I lauded over Escape the Nightmare last week and spoke of its wonderful ability to freak me the hell out; but Fuse is so much more accessible¹ than Escape the Nightmare.

Unlike Escape the Nightmare that best played with 3-4 players, Fuse can be very enjoyable with just one or two people. Escape the Nightmare is a tremendous game to play as a palate cleanser between two larger games on a games night; where as Fuse is best played seemingly, as soon as I get home from work  and instead of (what I like to call) my “special unwinding time”².

The Game comes with 25 coloured dice. Everything in the game is either number or colour based, so there are very few language barriers to play

Fuse is a real-time co-operative game from Renegade Game Studios (the people who brought us the excellent Lanterns); it is set on a spacecraft that has recently been boarded by a band of nefarious intruders (space pirates I’ll wager) who have (in a very Hollywood fashion) planted bombs with dramatically long timers all over the ship.

It is the job of the players, as a member of the elite Bomb Defusal Team, to maniacally run around the ship and in an attempt to neutralize the threat. Each bomb is represented by one of 65 cards; each card with a puzzle upon it that needs to be solved with the rolling some of the 25 dice that come with the game.  To defuse the bomb a player draws a number of dice equal to the number of players out of a bag and rolls them. Players must then decide who will get which dice in order to solve one of the puzzles that sit in front of them.

Fuse makes excellent use of its accompanying app. Whilst your team of bomb disposal experts frantically roll dice; the free app will happily ticket away; the ship’s computer making sarcastic comments and glib remarks pertaining to your effectiveness in the game. Her voice, dull at first, gets more and more desperate and hysterical as time goes on, which really adds to the whole drama of the game.

Hi there. This is Eddie, your shipboard computer, and I’m feeling just great, guys, and I know I’m just going to get a bundle of kicks out of you defusing all of those bombs!

The beauty of Fuse is that it always only takes 10 minutes to play. This makes Fuse an excellent filler game if you have time constraints. Most of the puzzles are maths based and with the countdown ticking away, can really give your brain a workout. So despite what I said at the start of the review, I think I would recommend Fuse.  It’s fun, fast paced, there is humour in the App, there is definite tension as the ticks by and it is remarkably easy to pick up (although difficult to beat, even on regular mode).

Well worth a look.

Seven Bombs waiting to be defused.


1 – Being an accessible game in this instance, is for some reason – a bad thing.

2 – Get you mind out of the gutter, it’s just a sit down and nice cup of tea,

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