Hasbro launches Boardgame Crate

Hasbro entered into the subscription box market on Monday with Hasbro Gaming Crate. The crate comes in two varieties; the family-friendly and one geared more toward party games for adults. It includes three games, delivered every three months for the cost of $49.

Behold the Cardboard majesty of the Mask of Anubis VR Mask. 

Focusing on brand-new games instead of the “Hasbro classics”, the crates will include some exclusive titles.  The first Family Crate will be themed “Family Staycation” and features Mask of the Pharaoh, which was originally manufactured by Gift Ten Industry under the title Mask of Anubis. Mask of the Pharaoh is a physical board game that incorporates an element of Virtual Reality, with players wearing a VR mask (included in the game) to explore a pyramid in ancient Egypt.


The first Adult Crate is themed “FOMO” (which I’m a little confused about – “the anxiety that something interesting is happening elsewhere?” Do you really want to sell your game box on that?) and will feature Speak Out; a game where players wear a mouthpiece that forces you look like a Cenobite while trying to communicate phrases to the other players.

Speak Out
One of these people wants to torture you in one of the many dimensions of hell, but I’m not sure which.

Plans for the subscription boxes were announced earlier this year and the first crates will ship this autumn, only in the United States.

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