Zombicide Custom Cards

The nice people at Guillotine Games and CMON have foolishly given us all the opportunity to utterly unbalance their well thought out game by releasing various sets of blank cards for us to customization.

Several of us have jumped at the chance and with a quick Google Search, you can find cards that range from the downright silly and to the ludicrously overpowered. Cards that will; if drawn, become the focal point of play and result in defeating the game relatively easily.

But where the fun in that?

Make the game harder I say! Games that are challenging are ultimately more rewarding to complete. Yes, you’ll probably die, but imagine if you survive?  Thing of the sweet taste of victory, even after you’ve played the game with the below dreadful cards.

Look, just go with me here; I made some utterly dreadful Zombicide Cards.

They might make your game fun; if you derive fun from repeatedly losing at Zombicide.




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